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Oxnard, CA 93036

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Jenifer Peterson
Owner/ Business Development

Marissa Sandoval
Senior Recruiter

Elaine Reyes
Payroll/ Office Administration


Visit and select California for job openings in your area.


Be on time! Maintain a friendly demeanor and be gracious and respectful to all you meet within the company. Only sit when the interviewer offers you a chair or is seated first. Make direct eye contact which demonstrates confidence, sincerity and interest.

Do not set your own interview agenda. Listen to what you are being asked and respond to the employer’s specific needs. Give examples of previous experiences and accomplishments.

Focus on your value instead of your flaws. Highlight what you can do for the employer.

Know your potential. Know what you bring to the table and what you are able to sell to a potential employer. Know what you are good at, and be willing to work or develop areas where you are weak.

Think of yourself as a provider of services. Know that your expertise is marketable. Make the employer feel like they need your skills and experience and they will be lucky to get them. Be confident and show the interviewer your worth.

Be prepared! Know the company you are about to see. Dress as you expect your interviewer to be dressed. Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. Never talk money unless the employer brings it up. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for their time. Follow up with a thank you note and ask for the job, if you want it!