Better Candidates, More Choices, Greater Value.

We offer you much more than the pool of active job seekers you’d find through classifieds, national job-boards or the selective limited list provided by most recruiters. We have invested heavily in the tools that will provide our clients with the best applicant base possible. A database that includes many candidates you won’t find anywhere else.

We’ve combined the power and speed of the web with our experienced and certified recruiters. The result is a company that can provide you with timely and effective solutions for all your staffing needs.

Hiring Options:

    Whether you have a peak workload or a special project that requires technical expertise, let PRO-Hire assist you with qualified candidates on a temporary basis We can staff both short and long term assignments.
    We maintain a large database of candidates, which has been established over many years. While we specialize in candidates with ties to the West, we also have the ability to recruit individuals from all geographical areas for industry specific positions. We utilize a variety of resources and methods  to target top quality candidates for your direct hire requirements
    This option provides and excellent alternative to contract or direct hiring. By starting the individual on contract you may evaluate and determine if  they will be a good fit for your organization. After a period of time, bring them on board.
    This is a no hassle solution for hiring potential employees that have been identified through your own recruiting efforts. The employee is placed on PRO-Hire’s payroll for a period of time that is determined by you. This may apply to new hires, interns, retirees, former employees or self-employed consultants.