About Us

PRO-HIRE offers a variety of staffing strategies that give our clients an edge in a constantly changing business environment. We provide skilled and experienced professionals in all kinds of disciplines, including manufacturing, industrial, administrative services, accounting, information technology, engineering, and technical services.

Our applicant base includes employees who have made conscious decisions to work temporary, part-time or contract, along with individuals who may or may not be working currently, but have chosen us to secure rewarding full-time direct positions. Our client companies are only those with the best reputations. Our candidates are solid, well qualified individuals.

We match candidates to companies. It is our belief that this can only be accomplished by dedicating ourselves to outstanding quality of service and integrity to our clients, applicants and employees. We are committed to excellence, teamwork and to going one step beyond the expectations of those with whom we work.

PRO-Hire’s Affiliation with TECHSTAFF

TECHSTAFF is a full service staffing agency that specializes in placing highly skilled and professional candidates in some of today’s hottest engineering, technical and IT areas.

Each of the nine TECHSTAFF locations is locally owned and operated and has extensive knowledge of the local business environment and recruiting needs. In addition, with our national network of offices we are able to provide a full spectrum of opportunities to help you find the employees you need to achieve your business goals. Since 1985 TECHSTAFF has partnered with some of the best companies in the country.

As a franchisee, PRO-Hire has the experience and support of TECHSTAFF. To learn more about logo click on the TECHSTAFF logo to visit the site.